Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Dream of Harem Pants

  Good(Tuesday)Morning folks!

Photo flashbacks to that lovely little time we call Summer Vacation. At the beach, visiting family. Beautiful sun, sandy beaches, cute beachy clothes and drawing whatever I want. Ah, nostalgia. 
Now its all go go go.... and I'm completely okay with that! My hem lines are getting straighter, my fashion sketches are getting tighter, and I think I've finally got the hang of the subway (sort of, maybe)!  Anyways, it's nice to feel like I'm working hard and seriously moving toward something. Super crazy busy. But awesome stuff happening, guys, rest assured! I'm not delaying my blog for no reason, pinky swear! 
Oooo and also, I went to MOOD for Fashion Supplies (like on Project Runway)! So many beautiful colors, patterns and textures in one store! Let's just say it was a majestic experience.

.....And thats my life right now! 


So. Fashion Mode engaged. 
H&M tank, vintage vest, Staring At Stars Harem Pant

Okay. First, lets take care of the ginormous throwback elephant in the room. So Harem pants may possibly a little bit seriously resemble the infamous MC Hammer pants. AKA Parachute pants. But, if we could put all of these silly pant predispositions behind us, we would all learn to appreciate the true power of the Harem pant. 

Seriously comfortable. Seriously cute. Usually in super fun patterns. Pretty much pajama pants. Super flattering length. And, (dig this) you can pair them with just about anything! A plain t-shirt, graphic tee,  crop top, or even a cute blouse. Super easy, for real.

So, yeah, perfect to take with you on lazy camping or beach trips. Sadly, the Summer days are dwindling down to very few. No worries, though! The handsome harem pant was not only a summer staple, but will also be sticking around all the craze this fall/winter as well! So it's not too late to try this semi-bold style! 

Have I convinced you? Drop the 80s flashback allusions, and think of this pant as a new fashion (pajama) revolution. (You won't regret it!)

So if you didn't catch it already, your TipsMcGee tip for the week is to invest in a pair. Super afforadable at Urban OutfittersForever 21, and don't forget that you can also now buy from H&M online!!

Stay tuned next week for a fun little collaboration and shout out to the lovely BeauCoo app! Cool stuff coming up, super stoked about my first real blogger situation, and with such an amazing app!

For now, here I am having fun with the blog post name and its correlated TV series. 

Thanks for reading my genius nonsense, loves! TooDaLoo, talk to you soon!!

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