Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

This photo just screams summer to me. Happy Summer you guys.
The song for today would have to be Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers
Listen to it here

Today my friend and I were going to take a trip to a beautifully overgrown golf course to have a much overdue whimsical little photo-shoot. Sadly, my sweet friend became sick (poor dear) so our plans were cancelled at the last minute. But things can't always go as planned. Days like this happen often, no use in letting them get you down. You wanted a magical day, make it magical. When life gives you lemons....

Speaking of lemons, I discovered this sensational lemonade recipe on the the Free People blog recently, and have been dying to try it. Saffron Lemonade with Blackberry Syrup. Since my blocked out morning was now free, I decided to go ahead and make some! It turned out to be ridiculously delicious and easy, and I definitely recommend you try it sometime this summer!


And just because our shoot was canceled, didn't mean my outfit had to go to waste. So I wore it anyway, feeling very boho and carefree. I decided to go ahead and take a few fun pictures as well. I had a blast editing them. I love magical effects. 
I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did!
Thanks again for reading!

Old Navy tank, Vintage skirt, Recession Jewelry seed necklace, Rue 21 sunglasses


Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Pictures // Insta Inspiration

@fashionbitchachos Trendabl

21 fetching photos that helped inspire my style this Spring and Summer. Hope they can do the same for you! The top photo here is from the fashion-tastic app Trendabl. But some of these are from my very favorite Instagram pages, you should click on their links and check them out. But while you're here, enjoy the pretty pictures!

@SarahBrinks Instagram
@freepeople Instagram


@fashion_creative_ideas Instagram


Collage made from this Urban Outfitters dress

Collage made from this Urban Outfitters swim

@arnhem_clothing Instagram
@freepeopleuvillage Instagram
@freepeoplehoustoncitycentre Instagram
@caitbarkerr Instagram
@aninebing Instagram

"The Sound of Music"

 Thats all!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Faux Vintage

Urban Outfitters top and Levi's shorts. Vintage belt

Throwback to mid-spring. When I first got my hands on these acid washed shorts and Metallica Sweatshirt. I live in these shorts now, they make any outfit look vintage and cool. I could have probably used some red lipstick for this outfit, but I wasn't really feeling it. It was just one of those days, it happens. As for the sweatshirt. That fist question is always "do you even listen to Metallica?" The answer is yes. Ever since I found this perfectly tattered up and exceptionally soft top for $10! So, the shirt came before the fandom. What does it matter, in the end? Pick up a cool band tee and who knows what kind of stellar tunes you will get into. But to get to the bottom of the real story here, vintage band tops are simply a must-have when it comes to Urban Grunge. Unfortunately, awesome vintage band tees aren't always found laying around in your everyday thrift or consignment store (at least not around Gaston County). Solution: Urban Outfitters. I actually acquired both this top and these shorts there. Sure, you will not have the satisfaction of having found an actual vintage gem. An unfortunate fact. But if you're just going for the style and comfort of it all, Urban Outfitters is your place. Super cheap, vintage-style clothing for affordable prices. Throw on a studded belt and some combat boots and you're in business, my friend. It's an option to consider. A very comfortable and affordable option to consider. Have a beautiful Thursday, loves. xo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Old Navy tank, Vintage knit vest, Recession Jewelry necklace, Anthropologie belt, Levi's high waisted short, Free People moonstone ring, Giorgio Armani lipstick

Happy Hump Day from the Caravan! For those of you who don't know me, I am a Barista at the local coffee shop in downtown Belmont. Caravan Coffee and Dessert Bar. It's a charming little place, perfectly furnished and colored with all of those chill coffee shop vibes and whatnot. It makes for a lovely hangout spot, and a super awesome and chilled job. Anyways, I love this place.

Although I did work today, these photos are actually from work on Monday... but I just couldn't resist the Wednesday "Hump Day" camel reference. Other name options were "Coffee Shop Chic" or "Seams and Steams" but nothing seemed to top the hump day reference for me.

In any event, Monday was another rather warm day, which means for an even steamier day in the shop hanging out next to a huge espresso machine! The temperature just wouldn't permit for anything but a tank top and shorts. In spite of that, to me tank tops (especially with shorts) can feel a little revealing for most work settings. I find that a great way to remedy such a situation is to throw on either a light cardigan or vest! A chunky necklace can also make you feel a bit more covered up! Luckily, I picked up this adorable little button-down knit vest from an antique shop (The Second Fiddle, to be exact) on this particular day (it was $4!!). I went ahead and threw on that chunky seed necklace for good measure, and viola! I felt super covered up and just the right amount of conservative for work, without forcing myself to overheat in an unseasonal amount of clothing!
As for the bun, its inspired by those lovely messy bun youtube videos that I mentioned in my last blog post! Check them out, they are marvelously helpful!

In other news, the next Friday night live in Downtown Belmont is the BIG Fourth of July celebration, with fireworks and the whole nine yards, and it is THIS FRIDAY!! Yay!! I will be working it, so feel free stop by the Caravan and say hello whilst you enjoy yourself at this killer event!
Thanks for reading, and I hope your week has been fantastic so far!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Brunchday // How to pull off lazy!

Sunday was a lovely day full of amazing food, even better friends, and extreme levels of relaxation. We made a trip out to Charlotte (NODA specifically) solely for the purpose of a miraculous Sunday brunch we had only heard tales of. Heist Brewery, ever been? You'll want to go. The food....lets just say we all died and went to brunch heaven. They had everything imaginable (with healthy choices as well)! An omelet and waffle bar with fresh ingredients, need I say more?
Anyway, lazy (and hazy) days like these call for lazy outfits. Usually my go-to in this category is to throw on a soft maxi skirt and tee, an easy way to keep it stylish and comfortable. But since Sunday was just so sticky and warm, I had to beat the heat with the shorts and a tee. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make a simple tee and short look not completely well....dull. And we can't ever have that! So I find that the best way to keep the outfit interesting is to throw in some nice pops of color along with some eye-catching jewelry pieces! 
I went with a simple navy striped tee that I got on sale from Gap, some acid washed Urban Outfitters shorts, a seed necklace and beaded accent bracelet I got at the Juneteenth festival downtown Belmont last Saturday, my Phoenix Wood Chip Earrings from ScorchedTreeJewelry of course, and some bright yellow Urban Outfitters loafers for good measure! The most important thing with such bold colored outfits is to find a way to pull it all together, and to be sure that all of your colors are in the same family (as in no washed out pastels with bold and bright colors! Keep it either bold OR pastel). I ended up pulling this little number together with my vintage pattered belt that I picked up at an antique shop downtown. As long as you own it, and keep your colors fairly consistent, you can rock that "un-boring-ified" easy tee and jean short with no quandary!
As for the hair, I ended up throwing mine up in an easy messy bun (which I am in love with lately). It's the perfect way to beat the heat, and especially cute for the beach! Having trouble getting that perfect messy-but-still-staying-up-and-not-looking-homeless look? Here are a few little video tutorials that helped me out! 

and for another option here is a great
Messy but Perfect Ponytail from my favorite blog!

P.S. Here is an accidental money shot I picked up on our way out of Charlotte while trying to catch the skyline with my new camera. If you look very closely....there is obviously a "moment" happening in this shot.

Now a closer look.....

Hope you're having a lovely week, dears! And thanks for reading!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lolla-Ready // Smoothie Sidenote

Forever 21 hat, necklace, tank, studded flannel top and silver arm cuffs, Urban Outfitters hi-low skirt, Vintage rings and boots, Free People rings, ScorchedTreeJewelry Phoenix turquoise earrings

As a graduation gift, I received two tickets (for my boyfriend and I) to Lollapalooza from my (awesome!!!) parents! Of course, this news came to me as super exciting and overwhelming, and I almost immediately thought, "I'd better start outfit planning!!"
As if the festival environment isn't in itself enough to coordinate clothing around, everyone who is into fashion knows that music festivals have become a sort of harbor of style. Putting the hardcore pressure on to find the PERFECT three outfits for a hot outdoor city festival, in the heart of Chicago.
Step one seemed obvious. Research. And after reading a mass of blogs on festival wear, and checking out several festival collections on my favorite clothing sights,  I felt pretty confident to go ahead and start shopping. Every time I've visited Chicago, I've always felt a sort of grunge-y vibe (could be the urban environment, or even the weather) so I went with my gut feeling and moved towards grey tones, studs, flannel, boots, and vintage. And who says I can't add a little bit of my favorite southwestern flare into it with some turquoise and phoenixes? 
Naturally, being the poor student that I am, I raided Forever 21. Hey, so what its cheap? The price range is perfect for some trendy pieces to get you through a festival/summer! 
Anywho, I'll be listening to my new "Lollapalooza" Spotify playlist all summer long, and probably dressing the Lolla part all summer as well. It's all just too exciting, I can't wait!


Side note:
Notice the smoothie in hand? You will soon realize that this is a trend of mine. Lately, I've been moving towards a fresher and healthier lifestyle, and smoothies have become my favorite part of this adventure! They are a super easy and filling way to get in a delicious low calorie breakfast or lunch!
I've had inquiries as to my smoothie recipes, and would love to post them here on my blog. A little "SmoothieSidenote," if you will. 
This particular smoothie was full of all my favorite smoothie ingredients added into one! I believe the recipe is best shown through my favorite app My Fitness Pal, a place where I can keep up with all of the yummies I eat throughout the day (it helps to just be conscious!) This way the smoothie measurements are super clear and easy!

Here is the recipe! But first, a warning. Be aware when drinking any smoothie recipe containing any dark berry (blueberries, blackberries...)! Know that the smoothie has GREAT potential to stain, and drink responsibly! I was made conscious of this the hard way with this particular smoothie and a new shirt....(oops!)

Add a cup of ice, blend, and enjoy!