Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Brunchday // How to pull off lazy!

Sunday was a lovely day full of amazing food, even better friends, and extreme levels of relaxation. We made a trip out to Charlotte (NODA specifically) solely for the purpose of a miraculous Sunday brunch we had only heard tales of. Heist Brewery, ever been? You'll want to go. The food....lets just say we all died and went to brunch heaven. They had everything imaginable (with healthy choices as well)! An omelet and waffle bar with fresh ingredients, need I say more?
Anyway, lazy (and hazy) days like these call for lazy outfits. Usually my go-to in this category is to throw on a soft maxi skirt and tee, an easy way to keep it stylish and comfortable. But since Sunday was just so sticky and warm, I had to beat the heat with the shorts and a tee. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make a simple tee and short look not completely well....dull. And we can't ever have that! So I find that the best way to keep the outfit interesting is to throw in some nice pops of color along with some eye-catching jewelry pieces! 
I went with a simple navy striped tee that I got on sale from Gap, some acid washed Urban Outfitters shorts, a seed necklace and beaded accent bracelet I got at the Juneteenth festival downtown Belmont last Saturday, my Phoenix Wood Chip Earrings from ScorchedTreeJewelry of course, and some bright yellow Urban Outfitters loafers for good measure! The most important thing with such bold colored outfits is to find a way to pull it all together, and to be sure that all of your colors are in the same family (as in no washed out pastels with bold and bright colors! Keep it either bold OR pastel). I ended up pulling this little number together with my vintage pattered belt that I picked up at an antique shop downtown. As long as you own it, and keep your colors fairly consistent, you can rock that "un-boring-ified" easy tee and jean short with no quandary!
As for the hair, I ended up throwing mine up in an easy messy bun (which I am in love with lately). It's the perfect way to beat the heat, and especially cute for the beach! Having trouble getting that perfect messy-but-still-staying-up-and-not-looking-homeless look? Here are a few little video tutorials that helped me out! 

and for another option here is a great
Messy but Perfect Ponytail from my favorite blog!

P.S. Here is an accidental money shot I picked up on our way out of Charlotte while trying to catch the skyline with my new camera. If you look very closely....there is obviously a "moment" happening in this shot.

Now a closer look.....

Hope you're having a lovely week, dears! And thanks for reading!

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