Thursday, June 27, 2013

Faux Vintage

Urban Outfitters top and Levi's shorts. Vintage belt

Throwback to mid-spring. When I first got my hands on these acid washed shorts and Metallica Sweatshirt. I live in these shorts now, they make any outfit look vintage and cool. I could have probably used some red lipstick for this outfit, but I wasn't really feeling it. It was just one of those days, it happens. As for the sweatshirt. That fist question is always "do you even listen to Metallica?" The answer is yes. Ever since I found this perfectly tattered up and exceptionally soft top for $10! So, the shirt came before the fandom. What does it matter, in the end? Pick up a cool band tee and who knows what kind of stellar tunes you will get into. But to get to the bottom of the real story here, vintage band tops are simply a must-have when it comes to Urban Grunge. Unfortunately, awesome vintage band tees aren't always found laying around in your everyday thrift or consignment store (at least not around Gaston County). Solution: Urban Outfitters. I actually acquired both this top and these shorts there. Sure, you will not have the satisfaction of having found an actual vintage gem. An unfortunate fact. But if you're just going for the style and comfort of it all, Urban Outfitters is your place. Super cheap, vintage-style clothing for affordable prices. Throw on a studded belt and some combat boots and you're in business, my friend. It's an option to consider. A very comfortable and affordable option to consider. Have a beautiful Thursday, loves. xo

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