Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Dream of Harem Pants

  Good(Tuesday)Morning folks!

Photo flashbacks to that lovely little time we call Summer Vacation. At the beach, visiting family. Beautiful sun, sandy beaches, cute beachy clothes and drawing whatever I want. Ah, nostalgia. 
Now its all go go go.... and I'm completely okay with that! My hem lines are getting straighter, my fashion sketches are getting tighter, and I think I've finally got the hang of the subway (sort of, maybe)!  Anyways, it's nice to feel like I'm working hard and seriously moving toward something. Super crazy busy. But awesome stuff happening, guys, rest assured! I'm not delaying my blog for no reason, pinky swear! 
Oooo and also, I went to MOOD for Fashion Supplies (like on Project Runway)! So many beautiful colors, patterns and textures in one store! Let's just say it was a majestic experience.

.....And thats my life right now! 


So. Fashion Mode engaged. 
H&M tank, vintage vest, Staring At Stars Harem Pant

Okay. First, lets take care of the ginormous throwback elephant in the room. So Harem pants may possibly a little bit seriously resemble the infamous MC Hammer pants. AKA Parachute pants. But, if we could put all of these silly pant predispositions behind us, we would all learn to appreciate the true power of the Harem pant. 

Seriously comfortable. Seriously cute. Usually in super fun patterns. Pretty much pajama pants. Super flattering length. And, (dig this) you can pair them with just about anything! A plain t-shirt, graphic tee,  crop top, or even a cute blouse. Super easy, for real.

So, yeah, perfect to take with you on lazy camping or beach trips. Sadly, the Summer days are dwindling down to very few. No worries, though! The handsome harem pant was not only a summer staple, but will also be sticking around all the craze this fall/winter as well! So it's not too late to try this semi-bold style! 

Have I convinced you? Drop the 80s flashback allusions, and think of this pant as a new fashion (pajama) revolution. (You won't regret it!)

So if you didn't catch it already, your TipsMcGee tip for the week is to invest in a pair. Super afforadable at Urban OutfittersForever 21, and don't forget that you can also now buy from H&M online!!

Stay tuned next week for a fun little collaboration and shout out to the lovely BeauCoo app! Cool stuff coming up, super stoked about my first real blogger situation, and with such an amazing app!

For now, here I am having fun with the blog post name and its correlated TV series. 

Thanks for reading my genius nonsense, loves! TooDaLoo, talk to you soon!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adapting to Campus Style // Pratt Institute

Hey guys! It's been over a week, but as I mentioned in this post, I'm crazy busy at this time in my life, so please bear with me!

Anywho, before I get back to my literary studies reading work (ahhh), lets talk for a second about street style and it's relation to campus life.

Truly Madly Deeply t-shirt, Levi's high waisted shorts, Gap flannel, Deena & Ozzy bag (similar here), Target tights, vintage Guess boots.

Street style to me has transformed drastically in my week here at Pratt (as I'm sure many of you new college freshman can relate!). Back home, it used to be whatever was cutest with whatever. Now its more like, what can I wear that is as comfy as possible with the comfiest shoes I can get away with while still dressing for the weather? And let me tell you, here in Brooklyn it has been hot hot hot, with sporadic rain. Which calls for minimal/loose clothing, and also rain coats... I must say, I can truly appreciate the tied waist flannel style after having been caught in the rain/wind a few times already!

Let's just say, when your surroundings change, your wardrobe lifestyle also changes. While I'm still getting used to this situation, I'm trying not to compromise my personal style. So, keeping it basic is a terrificly easy transition option! With the help of a nice plain white T-shirt, some jean shorts, flannel, tights, and some incognito rain boots, simple can be made super possible! You can really never go wrong with a white shirt and jeans combo! But it is nice to add a pop of color, like I did with my red lipstick and bag here.

Also, lets just take a moment to appreciate how adorable my friend/suite-mate Maggie looks in her Little Mermaid skirt! Pairing a graphic skirt with all black was such a perfect choice, hats off to Mags! 

Finally. What are we looking up and waving are arms at? Why, its our other friend/suite-mate Emily waving from the window, of course! 

To conclude I will say that I am really having a blast here at Pratt! Between new people, my amazing classes, and the street Fashion, there really is never a dull moment. 
How are you guys liking college // how has your style changed since you moved somewhere new? I'd love to hear all about ya life in the comments!

All photos of me by Maggie Barnard, all photos of Maggie by me! 

Thanks for reading! See ya next time loveys. 
Until then, here is a ridiculously majestic photo of myself...

Have a lovely week!!! Ta ta for now!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing With Wire

Rings left to right: Etsy silver/opal ring, pointer and middle made by myself. Nail polish is OPI's Hawaiian Orchid.

So, get this. I've literally been playing around with jewelry wire recently (while I really should have been sorting through clothes to consign before I leave for NY). Turns out, its a big hit! I've sold quite a few little rings already after posting THIS photo on my Instagram! Granted, I'm only asking $3 a piece. But, hey, its still a little something something! Haha anyways, I'm having a blast making these little cuties, and just glad all of this jewelry wire isn't going to waste! Could even be a fun new hobby. Too bad they are completely un-mailable due to there malleability (haha more fun word play, mailable/malleable) so after I leave Sunday it is bye bye ring sales. But, whatever. It all happens for a reason, go with the flow, wherever the wind takes me....
Speaking of wind and bye byes, the moment is here, my friends! Sunday my family and I are driving on up to the Big Apple. Exciting stuff!! I mean, lets be honest, I'm absolutely terrified. But, you know what, with a little sanity and a whole bunch of believing, I know I can do this. And that goes for all you college freshman. We can do it, just have a little confidence! Take these wise words of advice I heard on a TED talk once..... FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT! (seriously motivational video, you should watch it for sure!)
I'm not sure when this drastically turned from a ring post to a philosophical life post? Idk, I like these rings, and its good fun. That's really all. Anyways, just wanted to post real quick and give you lovely readers the scoop on my life! Time to get back to packing! (so. many. clothes!)

Thanks for always reading my nonsense, lovelies

Happy Friday, and have a fantastical weekend!

Next time we speak, it will be posted from Brooklyn! (too stoked!)

For now, please enjoy this super awkward photo I took of myself making rings
Toodles! xoxo

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Be a Mowgli

Mowgli's t-shirt, Old Navy shorts (old), Urban Outfitters loafers (old)

In love with this super comfy Mowgli's T-shirt I picked up at lolla. Rocking it on this lazy day with a cool pair of boyfriend shorts and some yellow loafers. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

Of course their hit song San Francisco is how I heard of them, but the Mowgli's track Love is Easy is what really got me hooked. 

At lollapalooza last weekend, my boyfriend I had the pleasure of seeing The Mowgli's live and in person.
The Mowgli's are seriously some magnificently fun performers! (As you can see on my Instagram video HERE) Not only are they full of love, but actually some pretty solid wisdom. They spoke of accomplishing anything as long as you believe, and confidence in the true power of love. I can honestly say that if everyone shared the ideals of a Mowgli,  I believe the world would truly be a better place. Reasons why the Mowgli's have become my absolute favorite band, such great motivational role models, right?! Super right.
How does one go about becoming a Mowgli? Please, take a quick little moment to read about it HERE! And while you're at it, check out their rockin tunes HERE.

Have a beautiful Sunday, and always remember, Love is Easy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kale Kreations // Life Update

Hello, my name is Ashley McGee and I haven't blogged in 6 days. 
I know! I'm terrible! I keep doing this to you guys, slacking on my blog posts. I would love to say that it's all better now and that I'll start a regular blogging routine, but honestly crazy and exciting things are happening in my life right now, and I'm rushing to keep up and prepare! Once I am settled in school in a few weeks, then I can start blogging regularly. But for now, I will start stocking up on blog post ideas and just stick with quick posts whenever I have the time! All I can ask is that you bear with me through this shifting time in my life! Thank you to those of you who keep up with my blog regardless, you guys freakin rock! 

Anyways, about my breakfast this morning! Kale smoothies are the new craze, ya dig? Which is too understandable, I mean Kale is a magic health/power food! Check out it's benefits HERE. Sometimes using it can be pretty daunting though. THIS WEBSITE can help for all of your Kale Smoothie needs! 

I woke up to Kale on the counter and was like, hey, why not? Just finding the website this morning,  and wanting to make a quick smoothie, I tweaked this Really Basic Kale Smoothie with the ingredients I had in my house. Apple sauce instead of juice, a bit of ginger powder instead of fresh (I recommend fresh though!) and I just added some grapes and some blackberry juice for the flavor I was craving!
But, use this website as you wish. It is great inspiration for your own Kale Kreations, if nothing else!

Cheers, beautiful readers! I'll talk to you again ASAP! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mountain Air

Photography by Ashley McGee
It's summer and my mind is on Brevard, forever wanting to camp. This little town has been THE spot of Summer for my group of friends for a few years now, and it really just doesn't feel like Summer until we have taken at least one trip. It is only a couple of hours away, yet somehow we can never find the time to go. Since I'll be in Chicago this weekend, at the beach the next, and in New York the following, this was my final weekend in North Carolina. So we made time. 

My friend Ben and I enjoyed the mountain air, while I embellished our tent with blankets and throw pillows. After setting up camp, we ate a wonderful dinner at The Square Root in Downtown Brevard. They played the perfect music, what an atmosphere! Later, we bought a watermelon, cracked it open (with a hatchet..) and laughed by our (very persnickety) campfire. The next morning we had breakfast at Ben's favorite cafe in Brevard (The Sunrise Cafe), then drove through Pisgah National Forest and over the Blue Ridge Parkway until we reached Graveyard Fields. The hike started and ended with waterfalls, with serene fields in between. Such a short hike, but never lacking whatsoever in beauty. We camped, we hiked, we ate lunch in the mountaintops at the Pisgah Inn. So it can officially be Summer, now. Just a few more things to check off my North Carolina to-do list before I take off to Brooklyn. 
Hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours! Here are just 15 of my favorite photos from this weekend, enjoy! Sayanora, beauties.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Local Music Discovery / David "Braun"

Photo creds to Cody Farmer! @remrafydoc on Instagram!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Okay, so. There is no way I'm turning this blog into some crazy marketing site, but I just have to get this information to you guys! Just think of it as one of my "tips"
Just please excuse the last-minute shotty webcam photos! haha I wanted to get this music out there ASAP!

Okay, so you probably know him as David Braunscheidel. But I mean, admit it, Braun is just easier to say. You may have gone to school with him at South Point. Or maybe you just know him from around Belmont. I don't know your life! But listen, this guy can make some music! He just put out his first CD recently, and it is finally up on iTunes! (Yay!)  I had the pleasure of picking up a copy of "Carolina Skies" myself just last week, and Track One ("Leaving Things") has been stuck in my head since! And honestly, I'm okay with it!

Not only is it a great feeling to support a local artist, but this CD is seriously kick-butt! You'll hear the first track and immediately think "This guy is from my town?!" His music really has that poetic alternative feel that we're all craving these days. Some tracks are almost Dave Matthews-y... But honestly he just has his own sound altogether. Every track has it's own sound, really! So its hard to label the genre as anything but just beautiful awesomeness. 
While the majority of the album is his own music, one track is a cover. Ever heard the song "Goodnight Moon" by Go Radio? Track 2 of Carolina Skies is a cover of it. With better music. BAM. I know. Instant Seller.

You can find him on itunes HERE

Not only will you have the pleasure of listening to some sweet tunes, but you can also feel good about supporting this cool local dude. Modest guy, pretty chill. It's really a win-win, people.
And hey, if we get his stellar music out there, (it deserves to be!) you may even hear this dude on the radio soon! (We hope!)

Thanks for reading, lovelies! I hope your week is as beautiful as David Braun's music!