Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing With Wire

Rings left to right: Etsy silver/opal ring, pointer and middle made by myself. Nail polish is OPI's Hawaiian Orchid.

So, get this. I've literally been playing around with jewelry wire recently (while I really should have been sorting through clothes to consign before I leave for NY). Turns out, its a big hit! I've sold quite a few little rings already after posting THIS photo on my Instagram! Granted, I'm only asking $3 a piece. But, hey, its still a little something something! Haha anyways, I'm having a blast making these little cuties, and just glad all of this jewelry wire isn't going to waste! Could even be a fun new hobby. Too bad they are completely un-mailable due to there malleability (haha more fun word play, mailable/malleable) so after I leave Sunday it is bye bye ring sales. But, whatever. It all happens for a reason, go with the flow, wherever the wind takes me....
Speaking of wind and bye byes, the moment is here, my friends! Sunday my family and I are driving on up to the Big Apple. Exciting stuff!! I mean, lets be honest, I'm absolutely terrified. But, you know what, with a little sanity and a whole bunch of believing, I know I can do this. And that goes for all you college freshman. We can do it, just have a little confidence! Take these wise words of advice I heard on a TED talk once..... FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT! (seriously motivational video, you should watch it for sure!)
I'm not sure when this drastically turned from a ring post to a philosophical life post? Idk, I like these rings, and its good fun. That's really all. Anyways, just wanted to post real quick and give you lovely readers the scoop on my life! Time to get back to packing! (so. many. clothes!)

Thanks for always reading my nonsense, lovelies

Happy Friday, and have a fantastical weekend!

Next time we speak, it will be posted from Brooklyn! (too stoked!)

For now, please enjoy this super awkward photo I took of myself making rings
Toodles! xoxo

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