Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adapting to Campus Style // Pratt Institute

Hey guys! It's been over a week, but as I mentioned in this post, I'm crazy busy at this time in my life, so please bear with me!

Anywho, before I get back to my literary studies reading work (ahhh), lets talk for a second about street style and it's relation to campus life.

Truly Madly Deeply t-shirt, Levi's high waisted shorts, Gap flannel, Deena & Ozzy bag (similar here), Target tights, vintage Guess boots.

Street style to me has transformed drastically in my week here at Pratt (as I'm sure many of you new college freshman can relate!). Back home, it used to be whatever was cutest with whatever. Now its more like, what can I wear that is as comfy as possible with the comfiest shoes I can get away with while still dressing for the weather? And let me tell you, here in Brooklyn it has been hot hot hot, with sporadic rain. Which calls for minimal/loose clothing, and also rain coats... I must say, I can truly appreciate the tied waist flannel style after having been caught in the rain/wind a few times already!

Let's just say, when your surroundings change, your wardrobe lifestyle also changes. While I'm still getting used to this situation, I'm trying not to compromise my personal style. So, keeping it basic is a terrificly easy transition option! With the help of a nice plain white T-shirt, some jean shorts, flannel, tights, and some incognito rain boots, simple can be made super possible! You can really never go wrong with a white shirt and jeans combo! But it is nice to add a pop of color, like I did with my red lipstick and bag here.

Also, lets just take a moment to appreciate how adorable my friend/suite-mate Maggie looks in her Little Mermaid skirt! Pairing a graphic skirt with all black was such a perfect choice, hats off to Mags! 

Finally. What are we looking up and waving are arms at? Why, its our other friend/suite-mate Emily waving from the window, of course! 

To conclude I will say that I am really having a blast here at Pratt! Between new people, my amazing classes, and the street Fashion, there really is never a dull moment. 
How are you guys liking college // how has your style changed since you moved somewhere new? I'd love to hear all about ya life in the comments!

All photos of me by Maggie Barnard, all photos of Maggie by me! 

Thanks for reading! See ya next time loveys. 
Until then, here is a ridiculously majestic photo of myself...

Have a lovely week!!! Ta ta for now!

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