Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mountain Air

Photography by Ashley McGee
It's summer and my mind is on Brevard, forever wanting to camp. This little town has been THE spot of Summer for my group of friends for a few years now, and it really just doesn't feel like Summer until we have taken at least one trip. It is only a couple of hours away, yet somehow we can never find the time to go. Since I'll be in Chicago this weekend, at the beach the next, and in New York the following, this was my final weekend in North Carolina. So we made time. 

My friend Ben and I enjoyed the mountain air, while I embellished our tent with blankets and throw pillows. After setting up camp, we ate a wonderful dinner at The Square Root in Downtown Brevard. They played the perfect music, what an atmosphere! Later, we bought a watermelon, cracked it open (with a hatchet..) and laughed by our (very persnickety) campfire. The next morning we had breakfast at Ben's favorite cafe in Brevard (The Sunrise Cafe), then drove through Pisgah National Forest and over the Blue Ridge Parkway until we reached Graveyard Fields. The hike started and ended with waterfalls, with serene fields in between. Such a short hike, but never lacking whatsoever in beauty. We camped, we hiked, we ate lunch in the mountaintops at the Pisgah Inn. So it can officially be Summer, now. Just a few more things to check off my North Carolina to-do list before I take off to Brooklyn. 
Hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours! Here are just 15 of my favorite photos from this weekend, enjoy! Sayanora, beauties.

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