Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pleasant Hikes // South Mountains State Park

I feel like I haven't posted in forever. The past few days have been packed with plans and fun and love and life. Sometimes it happens. It's honestly a wonderful thing. As of yesterday, my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. Woah, that was quick! Anyway, we decided to celebrate by hiking one of our favorite trails. This trail happens to be apart of South Mountains State Park. The easy 0.7 mile trail to the top of the waterfall is absolutely amazing, especially for you dilly-dalliers and lolly-gaggers (like us!) who hike to play on rocks and take a million photos! We basically just hangout by the stream. Exercise is just a latent bonus! We must have been feeling especially energetic yesterday though. We decided to take an extra hike up to the overlook before we went on our beloved waterfall trail. It was beautiful and sunny and cool. Just perfect. However, later during our waterfall and stream hike it began to rain. And it got harder, and harder, until it was pouring. There were dissapointed, wet hikers everywhere. Coming back down sulking in the rain. Allowing the rain to end their fun. Not us, no ways! No use in letting a little water ruin your day, it was beginning to heat up out there anyhow. So we kept hiking. And guess what? It was even more beautiful in the rain. And also much cooler. We still got to see the falls and take our pictures and have our fun. 

It was a lovely day because we didn't let anything take away from its beauty. Partner's in enjoying life. That's reason enough to have been with someone for a year. Agreeing on listening to "Lord of the Rings" music the whole way home is just an added perk ;) Cheers to a beautiful year of satisfaction! Love ya boo! 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Monday, I feel like these help describe the trip fairly well. Thanks for checking out my blog! 

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