Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Local Music Discovery / David "Braun"

Photo creds to Cody Farmer! @remrafydoc on Instagram!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Okay, so. There is no way I'm turning this blog into some crazy marketing site, but I just have to get this information to you guys! Just think of it as one of my "tips"
Just please excuse the last-minute shotty webcam photos! haha I wanted to get this music out there ASAP!

Okay, so you probably know him as David Braunscheidel. But I mean, admit it, Braun is just easier to say. You may have gone to school with him at South Point. Or maybe you just know him from around Belmont. I don't know your life! But listen, this guy can make some music! He just put out his first CD recently, and it is finally up on iTunes! (Yay!)  I had the pleasure of picking up a copy of "Carolina Skies" myself just last week, and Track One ("Leaving Things") has been stuck in my head since! And honestly, I'm okay with it!

Not only is it a great feeling to support a local artist, but this CD is seriously kick-butt! You'll hear the first track and immediately think "This guy is from my town?!" His music really has that poetic alternative feel that we're all craving these days. Some tracks are almost Dave Matthews-y... But honestly he just has his own sound altogether. Every track has it's own sound, really! So its hard to label the genre as anything but just beautiful awesomeness. 
While the majority of the album is his own music, one track is a cover. Ever heard the song "Goodnight Moon" by Go Radio? Track 2 of Carolina Skies is a cover of it. With better music. BAM. I know. Instant Seller.

You can find him on itunes HERE

Not only will you have the pleasure of listening to some sweet tunes, but you can also feel good about supporting this cool local dude. Modest guy, pretty chill. It's really a win-win, people.
And hey, if we get his stellar music out there, (it deserves to be!) you may even hear this dude on the radio soon! (We hope!)

Thanks for reading, lovelies! I hope your week is as beautiful as David Braun's music!

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