Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good College Vibes (And Some Tips)

Okay, so I know this is supposed to be a "Tips" blog. So at the end of this I will still post some relevant tips. But a blog is a blog. And this is what is going on in my life right now!

So, I recently put together my Pratt Institute class schedule online. This past Monday. At 6 in the morning, might I add. That is when the website opened, and let me tell you, the whole school was on right that minute! Classes were completely full by 6:05. No joke. These people are cray! That means the poor people in California had to be up at 3 AM to have any hope of their first choice! Phew, its madness.
But its all good, my friends! And I couldn't be more thrilled! Because my classes are unbelievable and my schedule is so doable and consistent! Here it is:

9:00-1:20- Drawing
6:30-7:50- Intro to Literature/Critical Studies I (My "English" Course)

9:30-12:20- Photography I
2:00-4:50- Survey of Art I (My History Course)

9:30-12:20- Textiles II (My Science Course)
6:30-7:50- Intro to Literature/Critical Studies I (My "English" Course)

9:30-12:20- Drape and Construction I
2:00-4:50- Drape and Construction I 


Woah, guys. How artsy is that schedule?! It all pertains to Fashion. Its the best. And AHH, I'm just so happy. I can just imagine myself after my Monday morning drawing class, sketching in the sculpture garden with some lunch. Pretty thoughts.
I gave myself Friday off, and scheduled around the Yoga classes offered three times a week. Seriously, its all a pretty rad situation. I mean, I even have a cool roommate. It gets me pretty optimistic for the upcoming school year! I just had to share my bubbling excitement!

Okay, here are your tips!

For you new college kids like me out there, here are those tips. Now, I've obviously never been in college before. But these are some things I considered when scheduling:

Early Classes: I wanted to be sure that I had an earlier class every day, to be sure I was up at a decent time. This way all days are longer and more productive. Also, I don't want to sleep away half of my college days!

School Activities: If you haven't already, you should reaaallly go check out what activities your school has to offer. Hey, you're probably already paying for the services in your tuition anyways! For me, its the Yoga class. I've always wanted to get into it, and now I can. So I scheduled around that.

Meals: Know when you like to eat, and how much. I can do early classes, because I'll just pick up a smoothie for breakfast and head on, and eat a normal lunch. If you want to eat a full breakfast every day, you should probably make your classes a little later and give yourself time to eat.

Weekends: I decided I would give myself friday off, so that flying home for the weekend could be a realistic option!

I'd love to hear what things you guys considered while scheduling! What are you guys super excited about for college? Feel free to comment about it below!

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