Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Memories

Hello lovely people! So, woah. Is it just me, or is summer coming to a quick end? It all flew right past us! Becca and I can't believe it! (Hence surprised photo)

The point is. As my friends and I are fluttering away (like little butterflies!) in many directions for college soon, the end of this summer means a lot of goodbye's. Sometimes it nice to give your really close buddies some kind of gift upon goodbye. A little something to, you know, remember your fun times by! Sometimes your wallet doesn't agree though...So, I decided I would hand make my gifts! This way the presents are more sentimental, as well as economically friendly! Haha

So I've made one so far!

This is Becca. The splendid barista extraordinaire at the Caravan in Mount Holly. Becca is one of my closest friends. And, since I am also a barista myself (as I mentioned HERE), we are barista buddies. So what better present to remember each other by, than little silver coffee cup knuckle rings?! One for each of us, a wearable memory! I stumbled upon some cute ideas on Etsy, and just decided to take on a little DIY! All it took was some jewelry wire, a few jewelry tools, and a lot a love!
Here are the results:

So I guess what I'm saying is, get creative with your goodbye gifts! You don't need to break bank to share the love! If you're having trouble with ideas, just look up cute going away gifts on Pinterest or Etsy! And of course, there is always the option to do a cute picture collage in a frame for their dorm! ; )

What sorts of going-away gifts are you guys putting together/getting for your friends? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

For now, here are some more fun shots from Becca and I, enjoy!
((Becca Biggerstaff's photography, my edit))

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

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