Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Old Navy tank, Vintage knit vest, Recession Jewelry necklace, Anthropologie belt, Levi's high waisted short, Free People moonstone ring, Giorgio Armani lipstick

Happy Hump Day from the Caravan! For those of you who don't know me, I am a Barista at the local coffee shop in downtown Belmont. Caravan Coffee and Dessert Bar. It's a charming little place, perfectly furnished and colored with all of those chill coffee shop vibes and whatnot. It makes for a lovely hangout spot, and a super awesome and chilled job. Anyways, I love this place.

Although I did work today, these photos are actually from work on Monday... but I just couldn't resist the Wednesday "Hump Day" camel reference. Other name options were "Coffee Shop Chic" or "Seams and Steams" but nothing seemed to top the hump day reference for me.

In any event, Monday was another rather warm day, which means for an even steamier day in the shop hanging out next to a huge espresso machine! The temperature just wouldn't permit for anything but a tank top and shorts. In spite of that, to me tank tops (especially with shorts) can feel a little revealing for most work settings. I find that a great way to remedy such a situation is to throw on either a light cardigan or vest! A chunky necklace can also make you feel a bit more covered up! Luckily, I picked up this adorable little button-down knit vest from an antique shop (The Second Fiddle, to be exact) on this particular day (it was $4!!). I went ahead and threw on that chunky seed necklace for good measure, and viola! I felt super covered up and just the right amount of conservative for work, without forcing myself to overheat in an unseasonal amount of clothing!
As for the bun, its inspired by those lovely messy bun youtube videos that I mentioned in my last blog post! Check them out, they are marvelously helpful!

In other news, the next Friday night live in Downtown Belmont is the BIG Fourth of July celebration, with fireworks and the whole nine yards, and it is THIS FRIDAY!! Yay!! I will be working it, so feel free stop by the Caravan and say hello whilst you enjoy yourself at this killer event!
Thanks for reading, and I hope your week has been fantastic so far!

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