Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Tips McGee

I am not a writer, and I am not a photographer.
It's true. I am in no way a woman of eloquent diction, there is no way I could even get away with having a blog without spellcheck, and I lack basic photography skills.
However, I love to share my ideas, and report my findings of inspiration in the world, and in turn inspire the world. I love fashion, art, music, health, beauty and life (oh, and smoothies!). And I would love to share the beauty I find in these things with you all, here, on my little blog. 
That's why I created Tips McGee. A blog for your inspiration and enjoyment, especially when it comes to "tips" pertaining to fashion and the beauty of life (with a little bit of everything else thrown in!)
Welcome to my crazy little world, & enjoy!