Friday, June 21, 2013

Lolla-Ready // Smoothie Sidenote

Forever 21 hat, necklace, tank, studded flannel top and silver arm cuffs, Urban Outfitters hi-low skirt, Vintage rings and boots, Free People rings, ScorchedTreeJewelry Phoenix turquoise earrings

As a graduation gift, I received two tickets (for my boyfriend and I) to Lollapalooza from my (awesome!!!) parents! Of course, this news came to me as super exciting and overwhelming, and I almost immediately thought, "I'd better start outfit planning!!"
As if the festival environment isn't in itself enough to coordinate clothing around, everyone who is into fashion knows that music festivals have become a sort of harbor of style. Putting the hardcore pressure on to find the PERFECT three outfits for a hot outdoor city festival, in the heart of Chicago.
Step one seemed obvious. Research. And after reading a mass of blogs on festival wear, and checking out several festival collections on my favorite clothing sights,  I felt pretty confident to go ahead and start shopping. Every time I've visited Chicago, I've always felt a sort of grunge-y vibe (could be the urban environment, or even the weather) so I went with my gut feeling and moved towards grey tones, studs, flannel, boots, and vintage. And who says I can't add a little bit of my favorite southwestern flare into it with some turquoise and phoenixes? 
Naturally, being the poor student that I am, I raided Forever 21. Hey, so what its cheap? The price range is perfect for some trendy pieces to get you through a festival/summer! 
Anywho, I'll be listening to my new "Lollapalooza" Spotify playlist all summer long, and probably dressing the Lolla part all summer as well. It's all just too exciting, I can't wait!


Side note:
Notice the smoothie in hand? You will soon realize that this is a trend of mine. Lately, I've been moving towards a fresher and healthier lifestyle, and smoothies have become my favorite part of this adventure! They are a super easy and filling way to get in a delicious low calorie breakfast or lunch!
I've had inquiries as to my smoothie recipes, and would love to post them here on my blog. A little "SmoothieSidenote," if you will. 
This particular smoothie was full of all my favorite smoothie ingredients added into one! I believe the recipe is best shown through my favorite app My Fitness Pal, a place where I can keep up with all of the yummies I eat throughout the day (it helps to just be conscious!) This way the smoothie measurements are super clear and easy!

Here is the recipe! But first, a warning. Be aware when drinking any smoothie recipe containing any dark berry (blueberries, blackberries...)! Know that the smoothie has GREAT potential to stain, and drink responsibly! I was made conscious of this the hard way with this particular smoothie and a new shirt....(oops!)

Add a cup of ice, blend, and enjoy!

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