Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Week

Once again, its been a while since I've posted... I know, I know. There is no excuse. I may stop trying to post everyday and move towards once or twice a week. Seems reasonable. Anyways, this week has been spent in preparation for both our Fourth of July cookout and for the beach next week! There were so many delicious things made for the cookout, including this Angel Food cake I got off of the Free People blog, and this Blackberry Saffron Lemonade (I just can't get enough of that stuff!). It became popular amongst our party guests to mix the lemonade with Sangria... apparently that is a delicious combo! We were going to go out on the lake the watch the annual firework show, but mother nature had other plans. It was raining cats and dogs out there, but as always we didn't let a little rain stop us. My friends and family gathered in the driveway in between downpours of rain and were lighting off every kind of explosive you can buy. It was an all-over-the-place kind of event and frankly I'm surprised we all ended the night in one piece! It was crazy, but I'm glad we had a blast. Could be the last Fourth of July with all of my friends together. How sad. I'll miss them when I move up to Brooklyn next month. They always know how to have a great time. 
Here are some of the epic shots from last night, we had a blast with my new camera! Enjoy! xo


"Feel the rain on your skin. Noone else can feel it for you, only you can let it in,"


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  1. Well, I thought "fireworks shots" were liquor, but this is cool, too... :P